Jonathan Lynn

Whats up?!

My name is Jonathan Lynn and I love fantasy football. The draft, the stats and the competitiveness between friends, family and even strangers is just awesome. I’ve been playing fantasy football for about 5 years and I got hooked into it immediately. Something about drafting your own team and managing it all year long and then finally take it to the championship to put the beat down on someone is just great.

I live in Houston, Texas with my wife and two kids. I love my family, they are the best. I run this site with my brother-in-law Dakota. As knowledgeable as they come, you can’t beat the advice you’ll get from this guy! He’s a great guy and we just wanted to put this site together to share our knowledge and try to give other players the best information as quickly as possible and to help anyone win their leagues through tips and whatever else.

If you guys have any questions just shoot an email to or hit us up on twitter @1FantasyEmpire or on Facebook. Have fun and enjoy the offseason! (for now…)