Andrew Luck and the Colts

Well, he was supposed to play but he never did. How’s the shoulder we ask?

Hopefully “very close” is actually very close for the Colts because without him at the head of that offense things still look pretty bleak for new HC Josh McDaniels and GM Chris Ballard.

We know from past years, that Andrew Luck is a fantastic quarterback. For fantasy purposes, unless hurt, Andrew Luck is locked in as a top 5 QB. For those of you who drafted Andrew Luck this past year in that 5th-7th round area (I know you’re still bitter) he completely and utterly let you down by not playing in a single game. We know Luck is great while playing but if he doesn’t play he’s worthless. So what do you do with Luck and his fellow Colts? Guys such as T.Y. Hilton, Jack Doyle, Donte Moncrief or possibly a first round selection of Penn St. running back Saquon Barkley? Let’s take a look at some past years of Luck and his Colts.

Maybe the question is will the Colts decide to invest in the o-line to actually protect their prized QB? The team has plenty of holes, but some of the biggest definitely apply to that gaping offensive line.

2014 was the year to have Luck with his career high 40 touchdowns and 4,761 passing yards. From his rookie year in 2012 on, according to his positional rank has went 10, 4, 2, 28(only played 7 games), 4. In 2015 he threw 15 touchdowns in 7 games and came back the next year in 2016 and threw 31 touchdowns in 15 games. Take into account a few rushing touchdowns and anywhere from 200-300 rushing yards I believe Andrew Luck will once again be a locked in top 5 QB.

As far as T.Y. Hilton and the rest of the crew goes I think with Luck back in the mix you can count on Hilton to give you 5-7 touchdowns and I believe Doyle can be a top ten fantasy tight end……whatever that’s good for these days. Moncrief can be back in the mix for top 20 WR consideration again and Frank Gore can continue to you know, do what Frank Gore does.

All in all, if the docs clear him, draft Andrew Luck and feel good about the rest of that offense. Let’s watch and see as to what they acquire in the draft and free agency, but let’s hope for some line help in the offensive and defensive department.