32 Questions Heading Into The Draft


Dallas Cowboys

J: With the departure of Dez Bryant, will Dallas draft a new number 1 receiver?

D: Dallas will do what they have been doing in drafts for years, taking the best player available. Whether that is the flashy move of taking a receiver or not, who’s to say.

Philadelphia Eagles

D: Will Carson Wentz be ready for the season?

J: Yes, I believe Carson Wentz will be ready for the season opener against the Falcons. I’ve heard and read all good things from HC Doug Peterson saying that he’s encouraged by everything he’s seen from Wentz in the recovery process. He’s young with no injury history. Expect Wentz to make a full recovery with no setbacks.

Washington Redskins

J: Will Washington have a fantasy relevant running back?

D: I like Chris Thompson. With his skills as a pass catcher combined with what we saw from him last year, I believe he has the makings of a “fantasy relevant running back.”

New York Giants

D: Will the Giants draft their QB of the future or will Barkley be their new bell cow?

J: I believe the Giants will take their QB of the future in this draft. Eli is getting older and will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. I still don’t think the Browns know what they’re doing at No. 1 which leaves the possibility of Sam Darnold falling to the Giants at 2.

Minnesota Vikings

J: Will Kirk Cousins be a top five quarterback?

D: I feel like there isn’t any other QB in the league better set up for success. He was a top ten with no receivers; he is a top 5 with what he has now.

Green Bay Packers

D: Who is the starting running back for the Packers?

J: Ty Montgomery will be the starter come Week 1. He is the most well rounded back on that team. He was also utilized as a goal line back a couple years ago. Let’s just hope he can stay healthy.

Chicago Bears

J: Can Mitch Trubisky be a fantasy relevant quarterback with his new weapons?

D: What’s fantasy relevant for a QB? Top 15? Do I think Trubisky can be better than half the quarterbacks out there? I don’t see why not.

Detroit Lions

D: Who is the WR1 for the Detroit Lions?

J: Are you kidding? Golden Tate is obviously the WR1 in Detroit. Honestly, it’s such a 1A/1B type of core. Tate gets the bulk of the receptions and Jones is deep TD weapon. I believe Golden Tate will finish better than Marvin Jones.

New Orleans Saints

J: Will the Saints draft Drew Brees successor, or will they wait another year?

D: I believe they will try to, but not on Thursday. In the 2nd or 3rd, NO will take a QB, but I doubt it pans out for them. If they truly want a Favre/Rodgers type of transition, they are going to have to trade way up in the 1st.

Carolina Panthers

D: Will Carolina add some much needed help at receiver going in this years draft?

J: Carolina will add some much needed help in the secondary. They could use another receiver to pair with Funchess, but what they really need is some help to stop the passing attack of the rest of that division.

Atlanta Falcons

J: Can Vic Beasley return to what he was in 2016?

D: Vic Beasley has the talent to get back to his 2016 stat line; its the surrounding help that I believe will keep him from getting there. The pass rush help for Beasley went with Adrian Clayborn. Unless Atalanta drafts him some help I don’t see it happening.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

D: Is the draft where TB will find their new starting RB?

J: According to my compatriot this is not where Saquon Barkley falls but I believe it is possible. I believe someone like a Rashad Penny could be a real bruiser here.

Los Angeles Rams

J: What will Brandin Cooks be with Jared Goff at the helm?

D: Brandin Cooks will look how he has on every team ever. Boom Bust Boom Boom Bust. WR2.

Seattle Seahawks

D: Will Seattle draft some much needed O-linemen to help protect Russell Wilson and the run game?

J: If the answer isn’t yes, I believe Russell Wilson will go back to playing baseball. Seattle will draft O-line and maybe even move up in the first round to do it.

San Francisco 49ers

J: Will SF draft some weapons for their new franchise QB?

D: We saw what he did with Goodwin and Kittle. Can you imagine what he will do with actual weapons? They should draft a receiver at least in Round 2 for Jimmy G.

Arizona Cardinals

D: Will Arizona draft some O-line to help protect Bradford and Johnson, two guys with injury histories?

J: If they want to have a chance at a decent season they will draft more O-line help to protect Sam Bradford at the least.


New England Patriots

J: Will the Patriots find Tom Brady‘s successor in the draft?

D: The Pats have some real draft capitol if they want to move up and get a top QB to have a year or two under Brady. I’m thinking yes, the Patriots are gonna land a QB.

Miami Dolphins

D: Who will be of any fantasy relevance for the Dolphins in 2018?

J: Davante Parker will have a breakout season as a solid WR2 with upside.

Buffalo Bills

J: Is Buffalo going to try and draft a franchise QB?

D: Buffalo is going to to draft a QB. That is certain. But a franchise QB? We’ll see. There are some good prospects in this years draft. If they land a top 5 guy, then it sure is possible.

New York Jets

D: Are the Jets another one of the teams who hope to draft their QB of the future?

J: They’ve certainly moved up high enough to get one. Unless they feel confidence in Concussion McCown and Teddy Bridgewater as their future then they’ll definitely take a franchise signal caller.

Pittsburgh Steelers

J: Will Pittsburgh draft some linebacker help with Shazier out for the season and the departure of James Harrison a season ago?

D: They really have to don’t they. TJ Watt by himself does not make a linebacker group. I like what I saw from Bud Dupree, but if they want to stop the run at all, Pitt will have to draft a linebacker in the 1st round.

Baltimore Ravens

D: Will the Ravens add some real pass rush in the draft?

J: Baltimore already has a good defense, but adding another pass rusher could really help out. I believe they do look for an edge rusher in the first round.

Cleveland Browns

J: What will the Browns be looking to do with their 2 top 4 picks?

D: Obviously they are taking a QB with the number 1. But that number 4 pick is interesting. I could see them trade down a little to a Buffalo, Miami, or Arizona, so those teams could get their QB. But most likely they take Barkley if he’s there and Chubb if he isn’t.

Cincinnati Bengals

D: Can Cincinnati fix an O-line that was decimated last year?

J: They are already on the track with the addition of Cordy Glen from the Buffalo Bills. Can they fix it enough for Andy Dalton? Probably not. Offensive linemen are definitely on their draft board for sure.

Jacksonville Jaguars

J: Entering what looks like a super bowl window year, what is the biggest need for the Jags in this years draft?

D: If the Jags are going to stick with Bortles and it sure looks like they are, Jacksonville is going to need a legitimate WR. Lee did well with Robinson hurt last year, but now Hurns is gone too. You do not want Fournette to see stacked boxes every play. I say give Bortles a receiver.

Tennessee Titans

D: Can Corey Davis be the WR1 they drafted him to be?

J: Will Corey Davis be what they drafted him to be? No, I don’t believe so. With a healthy Mariota all year and a backfield consisting of Henry and Lewis his upside should be that of a WR2.

Indianapolis Colts

J: Does Saquon Barkley make it to the Colts at No. 6?

D: I’m going to say no. He is going to the Browns at number 4. I hate that for fantasy with Hyde being there, but for some reason GMs don’t care about us fantasy guys.

Houston Texans

D: Is Lamar Miller on the way out after two lackluster seasons?

J: No, Lamar Miller will remain on the roster. At least until they see Foreman as fully healthy and then who knows? With Deshaun Watson coming back, I believe Miller will be a solid RB2.

Denver Broncos

J: Has C.J. Anderson‘s release paved the way Barkley’s arrival at No. 5 for the Broncos?

D: Well, if I have Barkley going to the Browns, he can’t go here. This is either Chubb to help unleash that Miller pass rush again (i.e. D Ware) or Quentin Nelson to finally try and fix that awful O-line.

Oakland Raiders

D: Will Oakland finally add some much needed linebacker help on their defense?

J: Please don’t let Khalil Mack continue to be on this defense all alone. Get the guy some help! Oakland is high enough to take a solid LB from this draft and I believe they will.

Kansas City Chiefs

J: Can Pat Mahomes sustain all the weapons in this very fantasy friendly offense?

D: He’s definitely set up to succeed isn’t he? They added Sammy Watkins in the offseason to an already loaded offensive roster. So, yes I think Mahomes will be able to keep these players very fantasy relevant.

Los Angeles Chargers

D: Do the Chargers potentially look for their next in line quarterback in this years draft?

J: I think Rivers still has at least 3-4 more years in him yet. The Chargers aren’t going to take a QB, but they will keep adding to what could be an awesome defense here. They could really use a safety.

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