A-Rob and the Bortlesless Jags?

Looks like Allen Robinson will still be a Jaguar next season..I mean how could you not keep this fantastic receiver?

It begs to ask the question, who will be throwing the ball to the No. 1? With Blake Bortles having off-season surgery..

I think this would be a great landing spot for Kirk Cousins. The Jaguars would save $19 million in cap if they were to cut him before the new league year. Yes, Blake Bortles took his team to the AFC Championship game and took it to the now Super Bowl favorite Patriots. If you have a chance to go and sign a guy like Kirk Cousisns, how can you not?

We’ll see what the future holds for Blake Bortles and the Jags. But, when your saving that kind of money and having off-season surgery and a possible chance at signing a more talented franchise quarterback? I don’t know, I think there’s some questions there that are going to be heavily talked about in the next couple of months.

Does Captain Kirk land with the Jags?

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