Minnesota Vikings Offense??

So what’s going on with the surprise NFC Championship losers???

Here’s the short of it. QBs are all unrestricted free agents this off season, RB situation is muddled unless Cook can separate himself, WRs took a huge step up this year but could just as easily take one back. The only shred of consistency you’ll likely get from this team is in Kyle Rudolph (no offense Adam Thielen) who plays at the least consistent position.


Case Keenum – One of the biggest breakouts of the year, the UH product showed everybody that he can be a starter in the NFL. Despite this, GM Rick Spielman, would not commit to resigning Keenum for the upcoming year.

Sam Bradford – Coming out looking like the QB Minnesota has needed since Favre’s brief tour, Bradford had the starting job locked down. That was until an early season injury put him on the bench for the remainder of the season. If Bradford is healthy he is an experienced starting QB but it remains to be seen if he will be resigned.

Teddy Bridgewater – The biggest question mark out of Minnesota’s three QBs, Bridgewater hasn’t started a game in 2 season. However he did play a few snaps in one late season game. Seeing Bridgewater on the field was uplifting, however at this point there is no way of knowing whether he can still be a starting QB in the NFL. I would look for Teddy to be in competition with either Keenum or Bradford for the starting job and for the other to end up starting somewhere else.


Dalvin Cook – What a year for rookie RBs. Cook was a monster coming out the gate. If it wasn’t for a torn ACL, he would have ran away with the workhorse role and never looked back. As it stands now, I think we could see more of an RBBC going forward if the Vikings think Cook has a risk of injuries.

Latavius Murray – While Mckinnon might have gotten the bulk of the work early on after Cook went down, it was Murray who truly was the more productive by the end of the season. Murray ended up with more TDs (8-5) and a better YPA (4.9-4.8) than Mckinnon.

Jerrick Mckinnon – I would look for Mckinnon to have a downgraded role in the Vikings offense this upcoming season. We should see Cook taking the majority of the caries with Murray taking some drives and goal line work as well. Mckinnon will most likely be reduced to less than 5 carries a game if the other RBs remain healthy.


Adam Thielen – It was quite the breakout season for Thielen, especially in PPR leagues. Thielen saw a total of 142 Tgts, 10 TDs, and averaged 5.7 receptions per game. I don’t know if we’ll see those kind of numbers from him this next season, but I would look for him to be at worst a high end WR2.

Stefon Diggs – When Diggs was healthy, he was a force to be reckoned with, however staying on the field has been an issue since coming into the league. Diggs has never played more than 14 games in his three year career. I would look to take Diggs as a low end WR2 with upside.


Kyle Rudolph – As is the case with most TEs, Rudolph was inconsistent week to week. However, he was still more productive that most. Over the past three seasons Rudolph has averaged 63 Rec, 623 Yds, and 6.7 TDs per season.  He has been a top 10 TE the past two year, I would expect that trend to continue.

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